Sunday, November 30, 2008

Adaab is Not an Excuse

The whispers of wrongdoing are increasing. People are tired of being abused and taken advantage of.

Is there an imam or shaykh or mufti out there who hasn't been corrupted?

I was inspired by the courage of a few friends who left the tariqah in Jordan to tell our story. For those for the future who might be taken in, I recorded the story of us in Damascus. It's not a long story, but it is important that it is out there.

They speak of adaab. It is adaab that allows them to abuse us. Adaab forces us to keep their secrets. Adaab obliges us to look the other way.

Because of adaab, women and children have been abused, money has been taken, and precious minds have been led to insanity. When anyone raises a voice, or asks a question, they are told, 'Brother! Have some adaab! Istaghfirullah!'

If you believe in Allah know this - someday soon these people will have to answer for the things they have done and allowed. I believe that time is now. If the leaders who know about these thngs choose to remain silent, we should not. Let us warn one another, that we may save someone from falling in to something they can't get out of.